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Negatieve berichten in Google

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How Online Reputation Damage Can Impact Your Business

When people are looking for a product or service, they turn to Google for advice. It is the way of the world. Potential customers for your business are more than likely going to search online before approaching you. Should their research unearth any negative content about your company or your brand, this could have an impact on their decision to do business with you or not. Negative search results are costing you business. A solid reputation and trust are important in any business relationship. Our reputation management services can help remove this negative content and fix any damage before it impacts your business.

Negative Search Results?

A negative message about your business can appear on the internet at any time. It could be unfounded, or it could be because you once made a mistake. Perhaps the wrong advertising approach, or misaligned branding efforts. Mistakes happen, but the internet never allows us to forget. These past digressions can not only linger but damage your reputation. The internet is unforgiving, and everybody’s voice is heard. Perhaps you were unfairly dragged into a situation with an employee or customer and their vocalized discontent goes on to damage your company image. You cannot control the actions of others, but it is possible to control what information Google returns when people go looking. We can help you not repair your reputation but help keep it clean going forward.

Every Business Deserves a Fresh Start

Failure is a part of life. You started a business, this did not go as planned, and the time came for you to pull the plug. You declared bankruptcy. You took a step back, reorganized, got everything in order and decided to try again. A fresh start. The only problem is the internet remembers your past failure and the records of it could impact your chances before it even starts. Negative content from the past could hinder the growth of your future. That is why its important to spring clean Google and remove this negativity so that your fresh start really can be a new beginning.