Is Your Personal Reputation Being Damaged by Negative Content Online?

White Canvas has helped numerous professionals shed the mistakes of their past and clean their online reputation allowing them the ability to look towards tomorrow rather than worry about yesterday. Read on to get your free reputation analysis.

Negatieve berichten in Google

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Personal Online Reputation Damage

Google is the undeniable oracle of knowledge. If people need to know something, they turn to the internet. Want a try a new product? You turn to Google for advice. Do you want to seek out new business opportunities? Google is your go-to source of research. The same is said for personal interaction as much as it is business transactions. You meet someone, be it romantic or through networking, you are more than likely going to put their name into the search bar and have a little look around. But what happens when the results you get paint that person in a less than favourable impression? It gives you pause for thought. Now, what about if that happens when these people try typing your name? Negative online content can work against you. Not only on a professional level but a personal one, restricting your growth and limiting your potential. We understand this and are here to help correct this before it becomes an issue.

Negative Search Results?

It is entirely possible that your name could appear in a piece of content that creates a negative impression. If this piece of content appears on the first page of Google, then you are going to want that to disappear as fast as possible. It is true that you cannot influence what others write about you online, and often, once it is out there, it is there forever. A disagreement with a colleague, or an angry note at the end of a relationship. These things may seem trivial at the time, but their impact could be far-reaching. At White Canvas we understand the implications of this but believe that everybody deserves a second chance. We are here and we are ready to help you clean your reputation and give you that chance to start over.

Emotional Consequences of Online Reputation Damage

It is not only important to understand the impact a damaged online reputation can have on your career, but also to understand the emotional impact it can carry. It can be hard to have your own personal or professional future held back by a silly mistake from your past. At White Canvas we understand this and ensure to consider the full reputation management spectrum. It is not just about creating positive content for others, but also giving you the peace of mind to know that when people go looking for you online, the impression they will get is a good one. Your reputation is safe in our hands.

Professional Consequences of Online Reputation Damage

A damaged online reputation can have long-lasting consequences on your professional life. It is time for you to take the next step in your career. You start looking and applying for positions. Your potential employers are going to have a look around online to see what information they can find. If they see a stream of negative content, then you can wave goodbye to that new job, or that promotion. Perhaps you have decided to a leap and start your own business. Any applications you make for financing could be negatively influenced should the lenders find your online reputation to be a negative one. Google is often considered a key reference check for businesses, and can, at times, make or break a person’s impression of you. It is important to make sure that any damage to your reputation is repaired as quickly as possible. That is where White Canvas can help.

Repairing Your Damaged Reputation

Just like in the real world, your reputation online is of vital importance in many walks of life. It is also commonly known and accepted that only the most committed individuals read beyond the first page of Google’s search results on any given topic. At White Canvas we get to work repairing your reputation by ensuring positive content gets created against pre-defined search times. By creating this content and ensuring it ranks on the first page of results, we also push down any negative content into internet oblivion. By working together, we create and execute a project plan that creates a positive presence for you in both professional and personal spheres. If you imagine the first page of Google as being your business card, you want to make sure it leaves a positive and lasting impression. Not only do we repair your reputation by creating an influx of relevant positive content, but our legal team will also look for ways to ensure any unjust or invalid negative content is fully removed.